Liability Claims – Are You Doing What is Required to Minimize Defense Costs?

A Note from our Liability Claims Manager, Pauline Skiver


I joined the Friedline and Carter adjustment team in 1994, establishing our liability claims department.  As Liability Claims Manager, I find it rewarding to contribute to such an outstanding liability and property adjustment firm.

From the beginning of my career handling liability claims in the early ‘70s, I have been most attracted to the significance of my role as an investigator of the facts pertaining to each claim.  By focusing on the facts, we reserve the right of recovery to only those claims that have merit.  Additionally, through a factually based investigation, we can meet our obligations to our clients which, in turn, minimizes defense costs.  It is also important that we provide claimants with a clear understanding of the claims process, as it can, sometimes, be their lack of understanding that leads them to seek legal representation.

I once handled a liability claim involving an 8-year-old girl who was accidentally run over by a go-cart at our insured premises, sustaining significant scarring to her hand.  Having determined through our investigation that liability was clear and that there was no product defect or other insurance available, coverage was afforded, and we proceeded to evaluate the claim.  In this case, the parents of this minor child refused to discuss a settlement until the child reached majority, which in Massachusetts is 18 years of age. Given their wishes, we were able to maintain control of this claim for 10 years.  The outcome was a fair and equitable settlement for both the insurer and the injured party, now an adult.

At Friedline and Carter we have consistently demonstrated our ability to accurately interpret coverage, establish liability based on a clear understanding of the facts, draw on our experience to properly evaluate case value, and negotiate settlements.  As a result, we have gained the respect in the industry of not only our existing clients and their defense counsel but also plaintiff’s counsel.

We take pride in our work product and we look forward to providing our clients with exceptional service.

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