Pandemic Brings Challenges to Recorded Statements

A Note from our Liability Claims Manager, Pauline Skiver


Throughout my career, I have developed a number of valuable interviewing techniques. These skills aid in taking an accurate statement, the key to acquiring information on a claim. This statement is essentially the recreation of events, which ultimately leads to the facts concerning how an alleged incident occurred. Obtaining these facts and details early on in an investigation ensures that the recall of the events is preserved.

Staying open-minded and confident during the interview is an important part of the adjuster’s role in acquiring the answers to the questions you are asking. Being able to observe and recognize a person’s body language during an in person interview can also assist in validating inconsistencies in the answers given during an interview. Often, the people you are interviewing are guarded in their responses and appear cautious about what they say. Body language is rarely consciously recognized by the individuals you are interviewing.

The pandemic has brought with it a more challenging approach to statement-taking. Most interviews have had to be taken by way of recorded telephone statements, so we have not had the benefit of being able to observe the person’s body language. Therefore, listening closely to the answers to your line of questioning and recognizing any inconsistencies and changes in voice patterns are important steps. They allow the adjuster conducting the interview to repeat those questions or answers given in order to validate the information obtained.

Often, if the information being relayed to you in the interview does not make sense, it is usually a good indication further questioning is warranted. Note-keeping throughout the interview is a helpful tool in recognizing those questions that may need additional follow up.

Remaining impartial during the investigation and interview process allows you the opportunity to concentrate on the facts. Ultimately those facts acquired by the adjuster will determine the outcome of a claim.

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