Reducing Claim Friction Points – Integrating XactAnalysis with Guidewire

A Note from our President, Doug Bentley


Insurance carriers are continually seeking to remove friction points in their claims processes. System integration with independent adjusters can pair greater accuracy and speed with transactional ease. The benefits are substantial in time saved and increased consistency.

I recently had the pleasure of assisting an insurance company client of ours in integrating their claims processing with XactAnalysis. The client wished to continue using the Guidewire environment which manages both their underwriting and claims processes while adding benefits only available by incorporating their current workflow with XactAnalysis.

On the front-end of the new claim workflow, the insurer can make assignments directly from Guidewire. This new flow reduces the need for manual set-up in Xactimate by sending the assignment with all details to the adjustment firm via XactAnalysis.

XactAnalysis (via Guidewire) also provides the necessary claim details and documents (declaration page and First Notice of Loss) to the adjuster accurately and immediately. Prior to this integration, manually pulling this information from the carrier systems (either by the insurer or adjustment firm) created opportunities for errors and delays.

The benefits of integration go beyond those front-end improvements. On the back-end, when the adjustment is completed, settlement draft amounts will automatically be generated by Guidewire from XactAnalysis saving input time on the company end.

We are excited to see the fruits of the integration take hold and know we’ll always seek to find better ways to benefit both our insurance company clients and our independent adjustment firm.

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